WiT LAB is a platform for interdisciplinary research focusing on resilient communities and humanitarian architecture. Ongoing research projects focus on cultural and issues concerning architectural design, disaster prevention, challenges of migration and relocation of poor communities.
Links to resent publications of the research group can be found below.




Carbon footprinting in humanitarian construction

Author:  Kuittinen, Matti

Date:  2016

Cities in Transition 2016 – Studying Public Life in the Philippines

Author:  Nieto-Linares, Antuané; Niskanen, Taru; Nyholm, Charlotte; Nylund, Lotta

Date:  2016

Architecture meets sanitation – Intervening in community-led sanitation improvemnts in an informal settlement of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Author: Floret, Zita

Date:  2015

Resiliency and reconstruction – Three case studies on recovering from a natural disaster

Author:  Lindberg, Milja

Date:  2014

 World in Transition – A Strategy for Multidisciplinary Pedagogy in Different Cultural Environments

Authors:  Hollmén, Saija; Laurila, Tiina; Muhonen, Matleena

Date:  2014

Kigali Master Class with Peter Rich

Author: Pääkkönen, Jere (ed.)

Date:  2014




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